President's Message



I am Brian Oppegaard, President of SpeakerPower. Many of you in the audio industry know me from my 11 years as Director of Engineering at QSC Audio Products Inc. and 7 years in the same capacity at Renkus-Heinz Inc. More than two decades in the audio industry have taught me what it takes to make a reliable, cost-effective professional amplifier. The current industry trend toward self-powered loudspeakers provides the ideal venue for introducing the next generation of intelligent amplifiers, and SpeakerPower was born to fill that niche

Now with SpeakerPower, I am bringing you the opportunity to have next generation intelligent amplifiers in your self powered loudspeaker line. Our complete turn key approach means that it is as easy for you to install a SpeakerPower amplifier in your cabinet as a woofer, horn or compression driver. With our proven designs, you can be up and running quickly with minimal up front investment. And our state of the art digital signal processing and power technology will reinforce your image as a technological leader.

Our commitment to quality, technological acuity, and steadfast product support provides the opportunity of powering your loudspeakers with confidence. Don't be left behind. Energize your loudspeakers with SpeakerPower and start increasing your business right away!

Brian R. Oppegaard




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